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Mental Health Ballot Measures Approved


We are so excited about all of the Mental Health ballot measures across the state were just passed! In Boulder County, ballot measure 1A, which will allow for construction of an Alternative Sentencing Facility, was approved with 75% of the vote.  As Phoebe Norton, NAMI Boulder County board member, recently wrote, “The Alternative Sentencing Facility will divert low risk offenders, many of whom have mental illness, from the jail and provide a continuum of mental health and substance abuse treatment services. Employed people in the Alternative Sentencing Facility will be able to maintain their employment and contributions to the community. Others may participate on work crews to help private non-profit or governmental agencies. Low level offenders and especially those with mental illness often get worse when mixed with a higher risk population. This is a more humane and cost effective solution that will help people recover.”

In addition, ballot measures that support mental health were passed in other counties across Colorado, which is a major win for everyone in our state. Most notably, the Caring 4 Denver measure, which is a tax increase that will raise $45 million per year for mental health services, suicide prevention programs, opioid and substance abuse prevention, and housing services for those with mental health and substance abuse needs.

It is so encouraging to know that the Colorado voters support initiatives that will bring much-needed services to those who are suffering from mental illness.

To continue the momentum, here are some great ways that you can get involved and show your support for improving mental health in Colorado:

Thank you to everyone who voted – you can see what a difference we can all make when we come together!

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