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Ensures that student receive reasonable accommodations and services to participate equally in the academic environment. | 303-492-8671 | | C4C N200

Red Folder |

An online resource tailored for staff and faculty to recognize and respond to students in distress. However, some signs and response can be applicable outside the academic setting, which are listed below. For more information in depth, please visit the website or a different resource.

  • Recognizing signs of distress
    • Physically
      • Marked changes in physical appearance, such as poor hygiene or sudden weight changes
      • Strange/bizarre behavior
      • Visibly intoxicated of alcohol or marijuana
      • Rapid speech or manic behavior
      • Depressed or lethargic mood
    • Psychological
      • Self-disclosure of personal distress
      • Unusual or disproportionate emotional response to events
      • Excessive tearfulness, panic reactions
      • Verbal abuse
    • Responding to a person in distress
      • Stay safe
      • Take your time
      • Stay calm
      • Use active listening
      • Ask direct questions
      • Refer to resources


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