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What is Autism?

Autism Support

Boulder County Support Groups:

Autism Society of Boulder County:

Find autism therapists, support groups, and other resources on the Autism Society of Boulder County Resources page:

Temple Grandin School:

T.A.C.T.- Teaching the Autism Community Trades

Colorado Department of Public Health Autism Resources:

Boulder County Mental Health Resources: 

Community Recommendations for Treatment Providers
These providers have been recommended by individuals in our community and are NOT endorsed by NAMI Boulder County. Please use your own judgement when evaluating their services. We do not add providers who request to have their own information added to our website; providers must be recommended by NAMI participants.

Jon Garson,, Local therapist who works primarily with youth and young adults with autism.

Autism Education 

NAMI – Autism:

Autism Speaks – What is Autism?:

Autism Society – What is Autism?:

Autism Parenting Magazine – Stimming Causes and Management:

Autism Advocacy

Autistic Self Advocacy Network

Autism Speaks

Autism Society

State and National Autism Organizations

The Autism Society of Colorado

Autism Society

National Autism Association

Autism Speaks


The above resources are recommendations from NAMI Boulder County members. If you have any suggestions, please email

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