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Activities to Improve your Mental Health

Spread kindness and positivity

Sharing is caring. It helps build meaningful and supportive relationships as well as communities for everyone and anyone. It’s also a friendly reminder that you are not alone. Read more on NAMI’s blog here.

  • Podcasts
    • Psychology in 10 minutes Focuses on mental illness stigma
    • Hardcore Self Help Hosted by psychologist Robert Duff talks uses his professional perspective in an approachable way that makes you feel heard.
    • The Struggle Bus Cohosts Katherine Heller and Sally Tamarkin talks about mental health, self-care and “just getting though the damn day”.
    • Check out more mental health podcasts here.

Note: Lots of different mental health podcasts can be found on Google, Spotify, websites, etc.

Note: Don’t feel obligated to volunteer with us if you want to improve your mental health. We are happy if any of these can help you!

NOTE: Not all activities above will work for you and not all activities above work for everyone. If you have any other ideas, suggestions, activities that help improve your mental well being and would like to share it with the public, please feel free to send them to

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