If you or a loved one is in immediate danger, calling 911 and talking with police may be necessary.

It is important to notify the operator that it is a psychiatric emergency and ask for an officer trained in crisis intervention or trained to assist people experiencing a psychiatric emergency.

You can also go to a hospital emergency room and ask for a psychological evaluation.

Colorado Crisis Services

Colorado Crisis Services

If you don’t know where to begin getting mental health, substance use, or emotional help for yourself or someone you know–start with Colorado Crisis Services. They provide confidential and immediate support 24/7/365. If you are in crisis or need help dealing with one, call this toll-free number, 844.493.8255, to speak to a trained professional.

You may also want to visit Colorado Crisis Services website for more information on their walk-in crisis services and other resources.

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline – Call 800.273.8255 (TALK)

If you or someone you know is in crisis—whether they are considering suicide or not—please call the toll-free Lifeline at 800.273.8255 (TALK) to speak with a trained crisis counselor 24/7.

The National Suicide Prevention Lifeline connects you with a crisis center in the Lifeline network closest to your location. Your call will be answered by a trained crisis worker who will listen empathetically and without judgment. The crisis worker will work to ensure that you feel safe and help identify options and information about mental health services in your area. Your call is confidential and free.

Crisis Text Line

A crisis is typically a moment of extreme emotional pain that gets in the way of living your everyday life.

Crisis Text LineText NAMI to 741.741
Connect with a trained crisis counselor to receive free, 24/7 crisis support via text message.

**Please note that this is not a replacement for counseling or long-term medical treatment. The goal is to help you move from an emotionally overwhelming place to a sense of calm, at which point you feel ready to continue on your own.

NAMI HelpLine

The NAMI HelpLine 800.950.6264 can be reached Monday through Friday, 10 am–6 pm, ET.

HelpLine staff and volunteers are prepared to answer your questions about mental health issues including:

  • Symptoms of mental health conditions
  • Treatment options
  • Local support groups and services
  • Education programs
  • Helping family members get treatment
  • Programs to help find jobs
  • Legal issues (the NAMI Legal Resource Service can connect individuals with attorneys in their area but does not have the resources to provide individual representation)

** We are unable to provide counseling or therapy, cannot provide specific recommendations for things like treatment or do individual casework, legal representations or other individual advocacy. In the event of a crisis call, we will transfer callers in crisis or who express suicidal ideation to a national crisis line to provide further assistance.